Friday, 9 April 2010

Wobbling around

The kittens do a lot of that, wriggling around, legs in the air and I get to tickle their tummies. They all seem to be doing ok.

Little Tulip is struggling to put on weight, she's only put on 2g in three days. I'm trying not to worry about her too much and focus on the fact she's not losing weight. She is feeding well and looks like she's suckling, I'm just a little worried as she's nearly 100g less than her sibling Percy. Cesc is also quite light but she does put on a little weight each day. Each day I put Tulip on the scales I hope it's the day she'll have gained weight but only a 2g increase yesterday and the same weight for the two previous days.

It's hard to tell how old the kittens are, they must be at least two weeks old as their eyes are open and they are walking around. I am thinking they are more three weeks old but they are quite wobbly. But I don't know if the wobbliness is actually due to the fact they can't see and they're struggling to work their way round the nest. I don't know, I can't help feeling a little lost with this litter as I've never seen kittens that cry so much and I've not seen kittens behaving like them either and I've been doing this for years!

Fingers crossed for a weight gain for Tulip tomorrow

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