Monday, 12 April 2010

A good weekend

Well we’ve had a considerably better weekend with the kittens. Little Tulip has at last started to eat and what she’s eating is cat food!!! When I went to check on them on Friday night, Tulip was crying a lot again and when I went to pick her up she bit my fingers which made me realise she might want cat food. So I opened a tin of kitten food and the next time she meowed I put the kitten food near her mouth and she just started eating! And that’s what she’s been doing all weekend. She went from a 2g increase in three days, to putting on about 60g over the weekend. So that’s great news.

On Sunday Bev from Wood Green came to check on them for me as I’d been worried about them due to their funny behaviour. She tried a few different tests on them, like looking at their reflexes and looking in their eyes and said that it looks like they might have some sight problems. Cesc’s sight is the best, as she seems to be able to see some things and can nearly catch a toy. Percy’s sight is not great, but not awful and he seems to cope ok. Tulip has responded well to my voice and her sight isn’t great but can work well with sounds. Jasmine (who is now definitely Jazz as he’s a boy) has the least sight it seems, as he tends to fall over a lot and bump into things. He also likes to lick things like the wall or floor… But in a few weeks I’ll take them to the shelter for a proper check up to see what their sight is like.

But they’re all full of life and running around meowing and playing. Cesc likes to be picked up and cuddled and held really close and they’re all enjoying human company. Smitten is also doing really well, she’s now up to five to six sachets a day and I’m no longer keeping a food diary for her anymore. She loves being combed and brushed and chatting to me. I’ve been trying to get her to sit on the windowsill to have a look outside but she’s not that interested. She does however love her catnip candy cane!

Tonight I am going to build an extension to their nest as they are getting bigger to give them more room to run around and play in safely.

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