Friday, 2 April 2010

Smitten plus four arrive

Today I went to pick up my new foster mum cat and her kittens. Smittenis about one and a half and she's something like a Ragdoll or Birman but my money is on Ragdoll. I went to the shelter to collect her and the first thing that hit me was how tiny she was. She's about the size of an eight month old kitten, she's very thin. Despite that, she let me pick her up straight away and let me have a look at her two-week-old kittens.

Whilst I was at the shelter I got some background on her. Dear Smitten came from a house a bit overun with cats and kittens, she came in with four other mum cats and about 15 kittens. It doesn't look like Smitten has had the best life and it's not unlikely she's been having kittens her whole life. I get a great sense of happiness knowing that I am fostering any cats' last litter of kittens and that they'll be spayed when they leave me, especially for cats like Smitten.

I got Smitten and her kitts in a carrier and back home and settled them into their room. I have a small box bedroom which I use for fostering. It's perfectly big enough for a mum and her kittens. I quickly constructed a cardboard nesting area so the kittens so get lost in the room and are secure until they are bigger. Smitten investigated the room and found a catnip candy cane and played with that.

For now I have left them to settle down and rest as it's no doubt been a stressful week for Smitten and her kittens are still young.

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Gail said...

Mitts has probably never smelt catnip before, and that was a great treat for her. At least now she is experiencing real love from you & Craig, and her kittens will grown up loved and be found real loving homes, not just given to anyone willing to pay a few £'s for them. Snuggles all round xxxxx