Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Two day update

Well the litter continues to do well, another weight gain last night and Smitten managed to eat five sachets of catfood yesterday which is her new record. It's hard to take photos of young kittens because I don't like to use the flash for risk of damaging their retinas. With these kittens I've been told there's a chance they might have sight problems. This would make sense for a another characteristics they show. For starters they are very vocal but obviously getting enough food, but this could be a breed characteristic. They also wander around the nest crying and looking upwards and on more occasions than I can count I've seen them walk directly into each other or a wall. But all this said, they are young on wobbly legs, they've been through two homes in their short lives so a lot has happened to them so far.

What's really great about these kittens is that they really like me! Most young kittens don't mind humans but these ones really like me. They meow and squeal to be tickled and picked up. They hold onto my fingers and fall asleep on my hand when I leave it in their bed. They are truely adorable.
Now this lovely little black and white girl is Tulip. She's so lovely and loves to be picked up and have her tummy tickled, a real cutie. She might be my favourite, I know it's wrong to have favourites but the last black and white kitten I had was 2005! And as I've got two black and whites of my own, I've got a real soft spot for them.

This is Tulip, with Cesc/Jasmine next to her - it's Cesc/Jasmine as her paperwork says she's a boy but I think she's a girl. I'm calling her Cesc still because I don't want to mix up her with Jasmine on the weight charts, this also because Jasmine looks like a boy - it's all a bit confusing. And these two are using Percy as a pillow.

This is Tulip at the front with Jasmine yawning at her, Cesc at the back and again everyone lying on Percy.

And this is the best mum cat in the world with her little wiggly kittens. Percy on the far right wriggling around on his back and Jasmine doing the same. Happy kittens :)


~*Connie*~ said...

awww.. look at all the cuteness!!

Love Meow said...

awww they are soo precious! ♥