Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dinner for all

Last night all the kittens had some proper cat food dinner for the first time. Tulip has been eating for about five days and the others have recently started trying to chew things, like cat litter and the edge of the litter tray. Last night I put out Smitten’s dinner and Percy and Cesc just went over to it and started eating it! I’d been trying to get them to eat for a couple of days but I was very pleased they just went and started eating on their own.

I wanted Jazz to eat too because he’s always chewing things and also likes to have a drink of water; in fact when he has a drink it’s very adorable. He knows he’s at the water bowl so he leans forward to have a drink but he always ends up putting his whole nose in the bowl and spluttering a bit! So I put a little food in Jazz’s mouth and he eventually got the hang of it and ate some food too, until Tulip came along and wanted more dinner and then I had to hand feed them both which was really tricky.

They are all still in their big nest area when I am not at home and overnight. Although the room they are in is quite safe and kitten-proofed, there is a book case in there which I worry they will climb into and knock something out of and because they are wobbly and run into things I just want them to be safe. But they love coming out the nest and charging round the room, Cesc in particular goes really loopy and bounces about. Talking of Cesc I am going to have to make the sides of the nest higher as she’s getting close to climbing out.

I also found out last night that Smitten likes carrying toys around in her mouth. I found her favourite catnip candy cane toy in the nest and didn’t remember putting it in there, so I took it out and played with Smitten with it and then she just picked it up in her mouth and jumped back into the nest and put it in there! She’s very chatty at the moment and really interested in my cats but she’ll be staying in her own room until she’s ready to go to a new home.

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