Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Little bundle of monkeys

Here's my little bundle of monkeys, now at about 5 weeks old at a guess. They're just doing so well! I'm so pleased for them, all are eating solid foods and apart from a few upset tums here and there they're developing well. Admittedly the sight issue makes the litter trays and tracking from it terrible. They obviously can't see the poos in there and either tread or sit on them but at least they're going in the tray!

Smitten is doing well too, she's eating a lot more and looking less drained as the kittens are taking less milk from her. She's still incredibly skinny though but very friendly and happy. She loves to play fetch and this is a bit of an action shot of her carrying her much loved catnip candy cane back in the nest in one of our fetch games.

This is Tulip, she's doing great. Eating lots and thriving. She responds really well to my voice and screams when I come into the room. She's got real ragdoll characteristics and literally turns to liquid when you pick her up as she's so floppy and silly.

This is Cesc, she's a girl :)
She's got the best sight of the lot and runs all over me and was in fact doing laps round me the other day. She's a bit of a rat for not eating her dinner but she's getting there and is a really lovely girl.

This is Percy, not a great picture of him I'm afraid. He's the shy one of the litter and can get a bit freaked out which is sweet because he's a bit chubby and it makes it extra cute. He's doing great though, prefers a bit of Sheba over the good ol' Whiskas kitten food though.

And this happy little squeaker is Jazz! Isn't he lovely. He's so noisy and just cries so he knows where you are. Jazz is a bit mental and runs about all fluffed up and does the sideways crab run too. He's great!

So yep they are all doing great. I think they are going to have to be homed in pairs, I think it'll be a big committment for the new owners but they seem to rely on each other so much for getting around and knowing where things are.


Everycat said...

You've done really well with them, they look sturdy and very happy. I hope their sight issues improve and they get great homes :)

~*Connie*~ said...

I am very curious how you came up with the name Cesc..

foster cat mum said...

Everycat- thanks very much. Thankfully their sight somehow improved and they've now all gone off to new homes.

foster cat mum said...

Connie - my husband thought of it, after the footballer Cesc Fabregas!