Sunday, 4 April 2010

First picture of Smitten plus four

Well this is Smitten and her kittens. They're currently named after characters out of Aladdin. I didn't even know there were four characters in Aladdin. So I've got Aladdin (obviously), Jasmine (maybe a princess?), Abu (apparently a monkey) and Iago (after a google search I've found him to be a parrot!). No sign of the genie though... I love naming kittens and have been given the go ahead to find them some new names. I just need to get to know them a little and their at that age where they all look the same sex which doesn't help.

Last night I weighed them for the same time. Again problems with the fact there's three tabbies and they all look the same sex! But I've clearly got a black and white girl, so at least I can be sure which one she is! Then there's a all dark tabby, a tabby with white paws and a tabby with no white paws which is slightly grey. Their weight differences are about 20g which isn't too bad and I'll keep up the weighing (despite their protests) until they're all on solid food and eating well.

Smitten is very particular about her food. Yesterday we struggled through about three sachets of cat food, a handful of cat biscuits (which I think she only ate because they're Royal Canin and it's got Canin in the title), some ham and some kitten treats. She eats about two mouthfuls of food and then walks off. So I have to keep showing her the bowl, holding the bowl in front of her mouth in the air and just keep encouraging her. At least she is eating but her focus is overwhelmingly on the kittens. Usually it's the other way round, the mother gets distracted from her kittens to food, not distracted from her food to her kittens. But I'll keep trying.

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