Sunday, 4 April 2010

we have weight gain!

Just a quick update. I was worried about the kittens, they cry constantly and feed constantly and I beginning to worry if there was any milk there. Just turns out that Smitten is the sort of mum that puts superheros to shame. Feeding her kittens non stop for what feels like hours? not a problem, endless supply of milk? not a problem, eating anything except Whiskas o so meaty chicken flavour and Nature's Menu chicken and salmon flavour? err slight problem there. Fussiest eater ever.

The kittens all gained between 15-20g today so I'm very happy about that. I've also renamed them with the help of my ever useful assistant, my husband. So we now have a black and white girl called Tulip, a dark tabby boy called Cesc, a lighter greyer tabby boy called Percy and a tabby and white girl (apparently because her paperwork says girl but I'm not convinced!) still called Jasmine but might need to change it to Jermaine in the future!

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