Monday, 2 August 2010

Spotlight on.... Ellie, Ed and Kitty

These three I fostered in 2005, three single kittens which went to live together in their new home. I picked up Ed (black male) and Ellie (tabby girl) from another foster carer who'd looked after them up to about four weeks. Ed's mum died and Ellie was found in a shed and they were paired up. I was then given a single kitten Kitty (tabby and white girl) and these three just hit it off.At the time I lived in a different much smaller house and back then I only had three cats so I let the kittens have the run of the house except for shutting them in a room overnight and when i wasn't there. So this meant they just ran wild pretty much in my house so this would have been taken in a rare moment of calm. And here's some pictures of their cuteness.

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