Monday, 2 August 2010

The fabulous four are still here

Well my fabulous four are still with me for another week. The shelter has luckily got some good local media coverage this week, couldn't embed the video for some reason, so I hope their rehoming is picking up. I don't mind another week with my skunks though. I just can 't believe how far they have come. When I got them Sissy and Dave were taking turns at having very upset tummies and refusing to eat, Daisy would only eat one type of catfood and at one point all Dave would eat was turkey ham. Thankfully Hits has been a star throughout and he's still a lovely affectionate little pea. I can hear them charging round their room every night and then singing in the morning for their breakfast!

Wood Green currently have a moggy midwife appeal to get more fosterers so I'm wishing them lots of luck with it. To any prospect fosterers the comment I get the most is "I'd never be able to give them back". But obviously you do otherwise I'd have over 100 fully grown cats in my house. Admittedly my first foster kittens did include my cat Tink but she's is truely lovely (picture is of her). The thing is by the time they reach the age when they are ready to go, they are climbing up your legs, using your jeans as a scratching post and trying to escape. And besides when they go off to a new home you have space to help some more.


feline said...

Kittensstills are wonderful. thanks for sharing

Georgia Ellis said...

Your a very good person for fostering:-) please email me,