Wednesday 18 August 2010

Foster kittenless

I have no kittens on foster at the moment but it is my dear cat Perkins' birthday. He's four today. Perkins did come to me a foster kitten. A friend text me by mistake to let a friend know about a kitten another friend had found, as the first friend was looking for a kitten. Somehow I ended up collecting Perkins. He'd been found in a road eating a chicken bone, someone had stopped their car to move him but he just jumped back into the road and carried out eating the chicken bone. Concerned, the lady too him home.

Perkins has been brilliant ever since I've had him. Called Perkins because he always purrs, Purrrkins! He's the most laid back and relaxed cat and I've even gathered a collection of photos of Perkins sleeping in silly ways. He's always hanging round the fridge trying to get food and loves the other cats dearly. I cooked him mince for his birthday but he wasn't that fussed, preferred his good ol' favourite chicken ham.

He's a real little sunshine in my life everyday, Happy Birthday Perkins!

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to floofy fluffies this week






Monday 9 August 2010

An empty room

That's what I have tonight as the kittens were returned to the shelter today. I'm always a bit sad to leave them there but they seemed quite happy playing and eating biscuits. I was just looking through their photos and thought I'd do a before and after for them, so you can see how far they've come, it's their baby picture first on the left and their grown up picture underneath on the right.

First there's Daisy. She was my fussy eater, she must have tried every cat food on the market! She would eat her dinner for one day like it was her favourite and then refuse it the next! Thankfully she ended up eating the same as everyone else in the end. She loved to be combed and would purr and purr, if we could have kept her then we would have!

Then there's Hits, what a champ. Throughout he's been my most consistent kitten. He ate every meal, he was never fussy, never ill, always full of life and looking after the others. When you have an ill litter you always need a Hits, one you don't worry about, one who loves you and loves fuss and is just ok and well. He really wants to be a hairdresser I think as he spent so much time on my shoulders doing my hair.

Then there is Dave, he was just fluff and bone when I got him, there was no meat on him and I think he weighed a tiny 400g. He was just so tiny and I was very concerned for him, especially as he would only eat ham. Along the way he turned grey too! It was his and Daisy's fluffiness that gave me the skunks tag name for them!

Lastly but not leastly there is Sissy, this was when she wanted to just be by the water bowl all the time. I eventually set her up a bed there as she was just sleeping there all the time too. She later became really crazy and biting me all the time but managed to get to stop that. Today when I took her to the shelter, I held her and she padded my chest, she knew it was goodbye.

So farewell my skunks, it's been really lovely having you for the past two months, may the rest of your lives be wonderful and happy and filled with love and ham.

Friday 6 August 2010

the date is set

and it's Monday when my skunks are going back to the shelter, I'm going to drop them in there before heading off to work.

It was back in early June when I was first asked to take the skunks home. When I went to collect them they were in seperate pairs in the isolation unit and they were really crummy. If I remember right Daisy and Dave were together and I held Daisy and she fitted in the palm of my hand. Sissy and Hits were also together and Hits ran straight up to me and started climbing on me (he still does this now!) and Sissy was trying to eat some fish and not doing a very good job of it. When I took them home they were eating just coley fish which I was having to warm up in the microwave several times a day.

It was quickly apparent that Sissy really wasn't very well, she was constantly dehydrated and everytime she ate her tummy ballooned. She was also very very thin. I had to start getting them to the shelter in the morning and then getting them back home in the evening so that they woulc have round the clock care. It was a nightmare, the shelter isn't even on my way to work! She spent a lot of time sleeping next to the waterbowl. Dave was also very poorly and sometimes wouldn't even get out of his bed when I went in their room. Thankfully with a lot of time and support they began to do better and get strong and start playing.

Since then they have continued to thrive, Daisy and Dave getting more fluffy, Sissy getting more cuddly and Hits pretty much being the same crazy and lovely boy only bigger.

We've come a long way in two months and to foster kittens this old for two months is quite unusual, as they were about seven weeks old when I got them; so I guess they are about three and half months old now.

I also just want to mention their mum, who sadly died. Although I didn't foster her, I did see her rushed through the shelter on the day she passed away and I just want to remember her too because she brought the skunks into the world and did a great job with them too. Apparently Daisy kitten looks just like her, so thanks skunks' mum.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Just pictures today

Not much to update on the kittens today. They are enjoying making a racket and charging round their room. I decided it was time to dig out my good camera and get some good shots of them in as much natural light as I could. Hope you enjoy.

Monday 2 August 2010

Spotlight on.... Ellie, Ed and Kitty

These three I fostered in 2005, three single kittens which went to live together in their new home. I picked up Ed (black male) and Ellie (tabby girl) from another foster carer who'd looked after them up to about four weeks. Ed's mum died and Ellie was found in a shed and they were paired up. I was then given a single kitten Kitty (tabby and white girl) and these three just hit it off.At the time I lived in a different much smaller house and back then I only had three cats so I let the kittens have the run of the house except for shutting them in a room overnight and when i wasn't there. So this meant they just ran wild pretty much in my house so this would have been taken in a rare moment of calm. And here's some pictures of their cuteness.

The fabulous four are still here

Well my fabulous four are still with me for another week. The shelter has luckily got some good local media coverage this week, couldn't embed the video for some reason, so I hope their rehoming is picking up. I don't mind another week with my skunks though. I just can 't believe how far they have come. When I got them Sissy and Dave were taking turns at having very upset tummies and refusing to eat, Daisy would only eat one type of catfood and at one point all Dave would eat was turkey ham. Thankfully Hits has been a star throughout and he's still a lovely affectionate little pea. I can hear them charging round their room every night and then singing in the morning for their breakfast!

Wood Green currently have a moggy midwife appeal to get more fosterers so I'm wishing them lots of luck with it. To any prospect fosterers the comment I get the most is "I'd never be able to give them back". But obviously you do otherwise I'd have over 100 fully grown cats in my house. Admittedly my first foster kittens did include my cat Tink but she's is truely lovely (picture is of her). The thing is by the time they reach the age when they are ready to go, they are climbing up your legs, using your jeans as a scratching post and trying to escape. And besides when they go off to a new home you have space to help some more.